The World We’re Giving to Future Generations

The World We’re Giving to Future Generations. 2018. Painted ceramic, painted plaster (shorts), plastic waste, textile. Figure’s length 180 cm.

Pääosa teoksen muovista on kerätty Lahden Vesijärven rannalta. Noin 1/4 muovista on kerätty Hangosta meren rannalta.

Plastics were picked up from the shores of Hanko (Baltic Sea) and Lahti (Lake Vesijärvi).

The work was inspired by the band called Cattle Decapitation and by the artist named Wes Benscoter who made the album cover for The Anthropocene Extinction album.

Stomach wound was made with the collaboration of MakeUpFx artist Ari Savonen, Kouvola.

Photos by Hanna Laaksonen and Esa Heiskanen, Vanamo Photography. Close-up photo by Marianne Siri, Gallery Uusi Kipinä, Lahti.